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1. Reaction Systems - Gas Phase Reaction System
- Electrochemistry Reaction System
- High Pressure Reaction System
- Large Scale Reaction System
- Selective Oxidation Reaction System
- Catalytic Conversion of Hydrocarbon to Syngas Reaction System

2. Membrane Permeation Systems
- Oxygen Permeation Measurement
- Hydrogen Permeation Measurement
- Pervaporation

3. Preparation Equipments
- Membrane Preparation
- Catalyst Preparation

4. Characterization Apparatus
- XPS for Surface Compositions Analysis
- BET for Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution Analysis
- Sizer for Particle Size Analysis
- FTIR for Reactive Intermediates Analysis
- MS for Products Analysis
- GC for Products Analysis

The group homepage is hosted at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics